Answering the Call of the Night:
Where to Take Evening Hikes Surrounding Woodland Hills

If you have ever stayed out too late on a hike – whether accidentally or with intent – you already know that hiking at night is a completely different experience from hiking that same trail by day. Some daytime hike enthusiasts argue that the darkness hides familiar landmarks and that depth perception becomes a bit more challenged, but that’s precisely what makes night hiking such an adventure to others; the familiar old trail that’s been hiked dozens of times suddenly becomes new, allowing it to be explored all over again, and even a short hike can be thrilling at night.

Sometimes after a long day, there’s no more perfect solution to unwind than a night hike through one of Los Angeles’ myriad of trails. Between the evening breeze and glitzy panorama of the L.A. basin, quite the adventure awaits if you’re up to it. Here, we’re going to suggest some of the best spots to take an evening hike in the Woodland Hills area.

Serrania Park has become renowned for its super-friendly dogs and their owners, but for hike enthusiasts, it’s also become a special place because of the park’s incredible trail boasting a moderate climb. If you’re looking to do some evening hiking, the Serrania Park trail is easy to follow and is complemented by great views of the park below, Woodland Hills Country Club, the Westchester County community and the entire San Fernando Valley.

Piuma/Stunt Trailhead offers a nice, easy trail for hiking and runs adjacent to an uphill dirt road, lending itself to be quite the challenging course for a nighttime hike. A great place to stop when winding down from a tiring day at work, Piuma/Stunt Trailhead has become many Los Angelinos’ favorite trails to hike, enabling visitors to go either up the aforementioned dirt road or down at the end of the parking area. If you’re bringing along your pooch, a little creek runs through at the bottom of the trail, off to the side, where a plethora of canines can often be found frolicking.

Solstice Canyon boasts one of the most unique trails you’ll find in L.A., complete with beautiful ruins of houses built along the way and a concluding trail loop with a super-cute waterfall. Though this beauty is better appreciated during the day, evening hike enthusiasts will still be greeted by an ocean view, generous parking, challenging terrain and gorgeous scenery that can still be enjoyed when the sun slips below the richly-hued L.A. horizon.

Charmlee Wilderness Park allows you to escape the crowds of other parks in the Santa Monica Mountains, offering full moon hikes, twilight marshmallow hikes, wildflower hikes and more. With sweeping ocean vistas and green rolling hills, Charmlee lives up to its namesake and adds some challenging terrain to those brave enough to attempt it – day or night. Boasting a multitude of trails, this park beckons the explorer and adventurer types, so if burning some calories while enduring a body-testing hike is on your agenda, you’ll really love it here.

Corral Canyon Park is a premium hiking choice if you’re in the Malibu area with a beautiful trail loop that leads to gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and Pacific Coast Highway. Enjoy the sunset just before starting your evening hike, while preparing to take on the two-mile stretch of loop that boasts a nicely maintained trail. With an elevation gain of a little over 500 feet, incredible interactions with wildlife such as deer and a nice combination of climbing and distance even for a quick hike, Corral Canyon Park allows you to take in some awesome nature all while giving your legs a nice workout.

Ready for an out-of-the ordinary adventure in Woodland Hills? Get your flashlight ready, some extra batteries for good measure and your favorite buddy!