A traditional American brunch or breakfast dish consisting of two halves of an English muffin, each of which is topped with Canadian bacon (traditionally), a poached egg and hollandaise sauce, Eggs Benedict was first popularized in New York City, with many variations on the basic recipe served throughout the world. While there are conflicting accounts with regard to the origin of the dish, Eggs Benedict remains a favorite amongst brunch and late-morning breakfast fans, and in Los Angeles, there are as many creative takes on the classic as there are spots that serve it.

Woodland Hills is surely dedicated to its kale smoothies, but the residents here do have their guilty pleasures, with Eggs Benedict being among them. Here are a few must-try Woodland Hills restaurants serving the classic egg creation for those days you just want something a bit different.

Leo & Lily may be a name you recognize from other Woodland Hills Magazine articles, but that’s because it has become such a go-to favorite for so many local foodies. The smell of freshly-baked goods will surely lure you in and tempt your taste buds, while a wide variety of pastries and breads and full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu will wow you with a selection that’s second to none. When it comes to Benedict plates, no one does it quite like Leo & Lily with variations such as Traditional Eggs Benedict, Mediterranean Benedict, Portobello Benedict and Smoked Salmon Benedict. Leo & Lily is located at 22420 Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills.

Blu Jam Café is a comfortable, cozy and relaxed respite in which to dine that epitomizes the classic laid-back L.A. lifestyle. Serving breakfast, brunch and lunch, the menu here consists of a wide variety of European-influenced dishes prepared with a California twist and using the most premium of ingredients. Craving some Benedict? Blu Jam has you covered with selections like Blu Jam Benedict, Florentine Benedict and Norwegian Benedict. From a friendly and hospitable staff always on call to serve to its unique take on a brunch classic, all it takes is one trip to Blu Jam Café to understand why it’s considered a home away from home to many. The restaurant is located at 23311 Mulholland Drive in Woodland Hills.

Bobby’s Coffee Shop offers great breakfast and sandwiches served in a casual, come-as-you-are atmosphere. This classic “throwback”-esque shop remains a piece of Woodland Hills history what with its traditional menu items and return-to-simplicity vibe, but if it’s Eggs Benedict you’re after without all the frills, look no further than Bobby’s take on the dish, served with a side of fresh fruit. Bobby’s Coffee Shop is located at 22821 Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills.

Nat’s On Ventura has been serving up great food and coffee in the San Fernando Valley for over three decades, becoming a favorite dining spot for residents in Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, Encino and surrounding areas. Today, Nat’s serves an award-winning variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes along with homemade muffins, cookies and pies, and hardcore Eggs Benedict aficionados have returned time and time again for the restaurant’s version of the dish, served with home fries. For something a little different, try Nat’s Lox Benedict, also served alongside home fries. Nat’s On Ventura, as its namesake implies, is located at 22737 Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles.

CiCi’s Café has become a wondrous brunch paradise for many Woodland Hills residents, boasting one of the largest breakfast-brunch menus in all of L.A. From unique items like Tiramisu Pancakes with Bacon and Chocolate Velvet Pancakes with side sauces to staples like traditional Eggs Benedict, CiCi’s is an affordable brunch option in the Valley that offers a wide variety of choices and top-notch service. The restaurant is located at 18912 Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana.

Hot buttered English muffins, Canadian-style bacon and poached eggs topped with a heavenly drizzle of hollandaise sauce…it’s often been said there’s nothing quite like Eggs Benedict where more “refined” palates are concerned. The trick to perfect Eggs Benedict is all in the technique – and all the Woodland Hills restaurants showcased in this roundup definitely have the technique down pat.