Healthy Greens is offering up some seriously healthy refreshments in Woodland Hills. This smoothie, fruit and salad hotspot is all about fresh, local produce that has been double checked and quality vetted before it hits the counter. These healthful and tasty ingredients are selected with the aim of helping consumers in the Woodland Hills area stay fit and feel great. If you’re looking for a nutritious lifestyle boost, Healthy Greens is a smart choice.

Healthy Greens in Woodland Hills has a range of items on the menu. They include acai and pitaya bowls, which are filled with blended ingredients like fresh fruit and almond milk and then topped with items like more fresh fruit, granola and other tasty treats. Fresh juices made with a range of produce for a boost of vitamins are also on the menu. Protein and fruit smoothies are offered up for anyone who needs calories and protein for their active lifestyle. “Wellness shots” are a quicker choice if you want something on the go. Finally, Healthy Greens also serves salad stackers, which is great when you want something a little more savory than a fruit smoothie.

We hit Healthy Greens in Woodland Hills to see if the menu items tasted as good as they are meant to make you feel. We ordered the Acai Energizer Shake, the Cacao Bowl and the HG Farm Fresh Salad. We don’t recommend eating these all at once, as they are each filling and a meal in their own right.

Healthy Greens Menu Woodland Hills

The Cacao Bowl would make a great breakfast before work or the gym. Guava juice, acai, bananas and strawberries were enhanced by a bit of dark chocolate and blended for a smooth foundation. This cool base was topped with sliced bananas, granola, kiwi and coconut. We ordered honey to top the whole thing off, but you can also ask for agave.

The Acai Energizer Shake is definitely meant for the active individual who is going to burn off its nearly 500 calories. It’s also a great lunch alternative. It has Acai, banana, green fusion protein, almond butter, L-Glutamine, flax oil, vitamin B-12 and coconut juice, making it perfect for a post workout restorative boost.

Finally, the HG Farm Fresh Salad was filled with greens, which are much tastier and healthier than standard lettuce. It was topped with tomato, almond and pecan. A nice surprise was green apples and cranberries! Cranberries are common on a salad, but pairing them with apples was a risk that paid off. The dressing was a refreshing lemongrass lychee vinaigrette.

With the range of ingredients and fresh flavors of Healthy Greens, it is impossible not to recommend it. Whether you want a healthy pick me up in your busy day or you need to supplement your athletic activity with nutritious calories, this is the place. Every menu item includes so much different produce and added nutrients that you can be assured your body will appreciate it.

Healthy Greens is located at 20929 Ventura Blvd. #43 Woodland Hills CA 91364. You can order ahead by going online at or by calling (747) 226-0804. Check out Healthy Greens on Instagram and share your Healthy Greens pics at

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