For many dining aficionados, a meal is not complete without two closing acts: A cup of steaming hot coffee (or perhaps tea) and dessert. Indeed, for the extreme “sweet tooth” the question is simple: If you have a meal without dessert, did the meal ever really happen? When it comes to the most hardcore of dessert lovers, the sweet treats following the main course is the be all, end all to a successful dinner – and in L.A., there are a myriad of restaurants and bakeries offering exceptional treats to tame the growling sweet craving within. Below are our selections for some of the coolest places to get the most delicious dessert in Woodland Hills…so get that sweet tooth ready to do some damage, and maybe reschedule that dentist appointment for a more appropriate time.

Unbaked: A Cookie Dough Bar appeals to the most hardcore of cookie dough fans as an online supplier of custom homemade edible cookie doughs, in addition to custom cakes with cookie dough for filling and custom cookie dough sandwiches. Established in 2015, Unbaked’s owner has been specializing in custom baked goods for over five years and now heads up a successful operation of customizable, 100-percent safe-to-eat raw cookie dough that’s made fresh for every order and which always excludes raw flour and eggs (to assure all customers it’s safe to eat “unbaked”). Top ice cream with it, use it as a frosting, indulge in cookie dough truffles, lick it off the mixing spoon – the possibilities are infinite when you order from Unbaked. The Woodland Hills-based business can be contacted via the website.

Carmela Ice Cream was established in 2007 and now boasts locations in Pasadena, Los Angeles and Woodland Hills, with each shop offering such luscious and unique flavors as Salted Caramel, Brown Sugar Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate Cacao Nib, Mint Cacao Nib, Lavender Honey, Matcha Green Tea, Earl Gray Tea, Guinness, Rosemary with Toasted Pine Nuts and many others. Customers often brag and boast about the Woodland Hills location’s architecture and décor, as well as its indoor and outdoor seating areas, and the shop has gained a reputation for serving some of the most wildly unique ice creams anywhere with solid consistency, smooth texture and flavors that include elements like basil, mint, ginger and lemon. Carmela Ice Cream in Woodland Hills is located at 5301 Topanga Canyon Boulevard.

Doan’s Dessert and Coffee Company is a family-owned and operated business, and for a quarter of a century has been baking for restaurants, coffee houses and caterers. A dozen years ago, owner Karen and her son Eric opened Doan’s Bakery to the public and began offering special treats and desserts for even the most seasoned of sweet tooth connoisseurs; enjoy a single portion when you stop in to what is now known as Doan’s Dessert and Coffee Company, along with a cup of Doan’s hand-ground Graffeo coffees and teas, and marvel at the much-more-than-a-cheesecake/cupcake-depot approach that yields new creations for your constant dining pleasure. Doan’s can even craft that very special wedding cake you have been fantasizing about. The bakery is located at 22526 Ventura Boulevard.

Wanderlust Creamery offers artisanal ice cream flavors inspired by places the owners have visited and want to travel to. They range from the signature vegan Sticky Rice Mango (inspired by Thailand) to Abuelita Malted Crunch (inspired by their upbringing in Los Angeles) and Japanese Neapolitan (inspired by Japan). These unexpected flavor combinations are precisely formulated to ensure a creamy texture that’s light on the palate, irrespective of whether it’s made with 100-percent all-natural dairy or if it’s dairy-free. Wanderlust Creamery is located at 18511 Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana.

Square Bar Café, coming soon to The Village in Woodland Hills, offers coffees, teas and pastries that are handcrafted using the finest ingredients responsibly sourced, beginning with real fruits and signature custom-roasted coffee blends to everything in-between. Square Bar, above all, markets itself as a gathering place where you can grab a cup of coffee, meet up for a chat or read a good book – from the atmosphere to the décor of this social hubbub spot, the focus is on the details in order to create the most lasting memories of coffee and sweets done right. Additional updated information about Square Bar Café’s Woodland Hills opening will be available on the restaurant’s website.

Legendary rockers Def Leppard may have exclaimed “Pour Some Sugar on Me!” first, but when it comes to dessert in Woodland Hills, an incredible smorgasbord of sugary, international delights await on almost every corner if you know where to look. After all, where else can you triple-fist a budino, a babka and a bunuelo in a two-mile radius?