In modern day vernacular, we’ve created more than a few quirky sayings that the next generation or two should carry on – phrases such as “He” or “She’s Good People” and “Those are some good eats” often come to mind, the former describing friendly people and the latter describing delicious food. Into this foray of “up-to-date linguistics” has come the term “cheap eats,” describing, of course, dining that’s not too expensive yet convenient, and even Los Angeles – a city replete with upscale and even celebrity chef-esque dining options – has gotten in on this quasi-craze. We all know what it’s like when money is tight, and if more value-conscious eating (and doing so conveniently) is in your current purview, we have rounded up some of the best cheap eats options offering delivery in Woodland Hills.

Tomato Patch is a true hidden gem in every sense of the term, offering Woodland Hills residents something special when healthy, fresh and convenient is the goal. Blink – and you may miss this charming little sandwich shop nestled in a shopping center on Ventura Boulevard, which announces its intentions from the front of its menu: “Fresh and Healthy Food with Friendly Service.” Indeed, the menu here is simple, with a plethora of sandwiches and salads to choose from; sandwich prices range from $5 to $6, and the salads are mostly between $5 and $9, with a selections of sodas and juices that also redefine the meaning of “affordable.” Tomato Patch is not to be missed if your search for cheap eats and delivery in Woodland Hills has yielded disappointments thus far. The shop is located at 19730 Ventura Boulevard.

Dan’s Super Subs is the originator of the legendary “Steam-Warmed Subs” in Los Angeles and has been awarded “Best Sub Sandwiches in L.A.” by valued customers, magazines, newspapers, TV shows and even celebrities that have passed through its doors. The shop is famous for healthy subs without compromising flavor, offering high-quality deli meats, fresh produce, great service and catering services – all at a great price. Dan’s subs are served on steamed fresh Italian rolls that are made from scratch every morning, while all meats and cheese are of the premium quality variety and contain no MSG. What’s more, the shop only serves extra-lean and thinly-sliced meats (roast beef, pastrami, corned beef, ham and turkey) while special kosher pickles are sourced from Chicago and complement the revolutionary high-pressure dry steaming process that ensures all hot subs come with no grease and no oil – all creating an affordable sandwich that literally melts in your mouth. Family-owned and operated for 30 years, Dan’s Super Subs is located at 22446 Ventura Boulevard.

Mr. Juice, established in 2011, offers fresh-squeezed juices, fresh vegetable juices, Italian gelato and sorbet, Iranian ice cream, traditional Persian drinks, fresh pizza and paninis – culminating in a family-owned juice bar and ice cream shop. With no other business in the immediate area serving such a cross-section of affordable goodies, Mr. Juice stands on its own as a Woodland Hills institution…a place where vegans can stop in for a sweet yet healthy treat without breaking the bank. The shop is located at 20014 Ventura Boulevard.

“Cheap eats” gets a lot of press, but how does one define “cheap”? It’s incredibly subjective, dependent on a person’s income, where they live, what their tastes lean toward, whether their trust find is large, extra-large or non-existent…you get the point. While we intended this article to lavish praise on cheap grub, we hope that it has also been a gateway to some of the best cheap eats options offering delivery in Woodland Hills.