From Donuts to Dining
Famous actor Danny Trejo, the man behind the “Machete,” grows his restaurant empire with the addition of a second prospective Trejo’s Cantina in Woodland Hills.

You know his face…and if that doesn’t provide a hint of the man behind the mustache, his legendary torso-filling tattoos will certainly do the trick. He’s been in a myriad of Hollywood barn-stormers like Con Air, From Dusk Till Dawn, Against the Wall and, more recently and to the gratification of many horror genre fanatics, the uber-bloody Machete films. He’s gritty character actor Danny Trejo, and while we all loved him up on the silver screen in everything he’s been a part of, the omni-talented film star has been focused on a newer passion as of late, with the announcement that his growing restaurant empire may be expanding into Woodland Hills.


Trejo already had L.A. sweet tooth hounds and taco fanatics alike chomping at the bit when he opened Trejo’s Donuts in Hollywood and Trejo’s Cantina in Pasadena, but it seems the actor-turned-entrepreneur – along with partners Ash Shah and Jeff Georgino – is relishing the thought of expansion with rumors of a new Trejo’s Cantina to open in the deep Valley. According to Eater Los Angeles, which could not confirm with Trejo’s own team if the rumors were in fact true, state-filed paperwork was tracked down through the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control suggesting a new location for Trejo’s Cantina will soon find a home on Oxnard Street in Woodland Hills. Interestingly, the address is shared by the currently-operational Tuccio’s Italian restaurant, though Trejo’s team has – at least according to the state of California – already assumed some measure of control; Eater Los Angeles representatives reached out to the Tuccio’s staff who confirmed that the Italian eatery will in fact shut its doors at the end of this week, if not sooner.

Indeed, the move to bring a namesake Cantina deep into the heart of the Valley is a wise one for Trejo, given that the man behind the “Machete” continues to broaden his scope from the simplicity of tacos and donuts to sit-down dining service appeal. That was the basis for the existing Trejo’s Cantina location in Pasadena, which offers everything from sizzling steaks to big-plate Mexican fare and tequila cocktails – the full-service restaurant, sitting immediately adjacent to the Pasadena Playhouse, was the former site of Red, White & Bluezz, though the remainder of the eatery is tucked away inside a courtyard area of the century-old property on Molino Avenue. Oversized, wide windows overlook the street outside and line one end of the dining room, making for a rich sunlight-infused hideaway for tacos, mezcal and more.

However, super-excited patrons shouldn’t expect a prompt “flip up” in Woodland Hills, as it will take some time to trade out the Italian ambiance of Tuccio’s for something more colorful and becoming of a Southern California Mexican eatery.

Trejo also runs Trejo’s Tacos and another Trejo’s Cantina location in Hollywood in a strip mall off Cahuenga. The completed Trejo’s Cantina in Woodland Hills is scheduled to reside at 21550 Oxnard Street Suite 125. All details regarding the Trejo’s Cantina in Woodland Hills expansion was first reported by Eater Los Angeles.