Perhaps it’s the overwhelming success of such TV shows as So You Think You Can Dance and, of course, Dancing with the Stars, but there’s been an increased popularity and appreciation for dance as of late. Beyond merely creating a “cool factor,” this interest in grinding and gyrating in professional, personal and social spotlights has crossed over to encompass youngsters of all ages, providing children with such physical benefits as general fitness, balance, coordination, discipline and strength training. Dance classes can be great for a child’s frame of mind, too: It’s often used therapeutically to treat a myriad of physical and mental health issues.

Recognized benefits like these have parents enrolling their kids in dance classes all across L.A., but with so many to choose from, it’s difficult to know which ones are productive and creatively stimulating and which may be a waste of time and money. While the interest and attention span of every child is different, it’s important to find the right class that suits your little one’s personality…so we’ve gone ahead and assembled what we feel are some of the best studios offering dance classes for kids in Woodland Hills.

Time 2 Dance Performing Arts Studio, offers hip hop, jazz, ballet, drama, jazz funk, lyrical, modern ballet and other dance style classes, its priority to give its students an unforgettable experience that builds self-esteem and self-image – all while providing them the time of their lives. Established in 2010, Time 2 Dance is a Woodland Hills institution united by its passion for the performing arts and its desire to see its students excel in dance, enabling every student to leave class feeling confident and “overflowing with joy.” Through self-discipline, motivation and encouragement, representatives of the studio provide a learning experience that is professional, efficient and most of all, fun.

LA DanceSport Club offers “Dance for Fun” classes for kids, as well as a Kids Dance Competition – indeed, among the best dance classes for kids in Woodland Hills, LA DanceSport Club is often called the place to be for parents who want to keep their kids busy, moving to music and having fun, boasting ballroom dancing classes for children three to four and five to seven years old, in addition to ballet and stretch classes for kids aged three to 16 (grouped by age). Kids can even dance to lose weight at LA DanceSport Club through cardio classes, with hip hop classes also available for ages three through 16 (also grouped by age) and private classes available for 15-year-olds and up.

The California Conservatory of Performing Arts  believes in giving its students the best lifelong performance art education through etiquette and exercise, which are infused with confidence and comprehension to ensure a future in performance art. The Conservatory works hand in hand with the MJM Dance Company, an award-winning organization that allows children to experience an “exhilarating dance life” through a high degree of conditioning choreography. Here, all the tools children need to become professional dancers are realized, from learning how to properly apply stage makeup and choreography basics to fostering responsibility, commitment and healthy lifestyles. Throughout the year, the children participate in dance conventions, competitions and specialty performances, providing them a sense of camaraderie, confidence and passion to push themselves to the next level.

The Dance Dimensions Performing Arts Center  operates by way of a vision to enrich the community through the discipline of dance, all while building self-confidence and creativity that every one of us need to succeed in life. The Center offers many styles of dance for students two years of age to adults, taught by professionals in the dance world as well as working choreographers, and is now entering its sixth year of offering award-winning dance companies. With classes for students looking for a fun after-school activity as well as those who wish to pursue dance as a career, Dance Dimensions Performing Arts Center selects its teachers because they enthusiastically agree with the “Philosophy of Caring,” often just as important as a resume, in addition to their ability and passion to nurture and teach the students.

The Elite Dance and Performing Arts Center, established in 2012 and lorded over by owner Toni R., operates under a mission to provide every dancer with an inspiring, challenging and fun dance education by way of a caring staff and professional instructors who guarantee every dancer will leave class feeling confident and secure. The newly-renovated Elite Dance and Performing Arts Center has been designed for optimal dancer performance and guest comfort, boasting over 3,600 square-feet, two spacious studios, a parents’ lounge, observation room, separate birthday party room, dressing room, in-house dancewear shop and more. The pre-school program is designed to nurture and introduce young children to the world of dance, while students over the age of five have the option to continue taking recreational-only classes or choose a more rigorous track and dance curriculum; the goal at Elite Dance and Performing Arts is to foster each child’s growth and development both in and out of the dance classroom.

Think you have the next Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake in your family? The studios offering some of the best dance classes for kids in Woodland Hills mentioned in this roundup will surely bring out these inner stars.