The Document People

Website: www.documentpeople.net
Address: 21904 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Phone Number: (818) 704-9395

With offices not only in Woodland Hills but Glendale, Hollywood, Santa Monica and other prime California locations, The Document People specializes in properly and efficiently obtaining all of the legal documents clients need for their business. These services include everything from filing for corporation status and securing an LLC to helping with estate paperwork and even handling lifestyle legal matters such as divorce and living trusts – in fact, dedicated clients of The Document People often cite the business as a “highly efficient and useful way to go through the process of legal paperwork.” Part of a network of independently-owned stores that share a common purpose, the Woodland Hills Document People location is dedicated to helping the people of this community represent themselves in the matters of quitclaim deeds, trademarks, wills and living wills, power of attorney and the aforementioned living trusts, LLCs and divorce…by doing so, say Document People representatives, clients usually save 50 to 70-percent off typical fees and costs.


The HealthCare Solution

Website: www.thcsonline.com
Address: 21031 Ventura Blvd, Ste 603 Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Phone Number: (818) 227-5650

Providing a comprehensive solution to managing health care via a new and intuitive software, The HealthCare Solution has emerged as a flexible alternative that has transformed the medical benefits game into something more akin to a shopping experience. Through its fully-featured benefits management system, The HealthCare Solution makes providing benefits to employees super-simple, easy and convenient for employers, utilizing a robust platform that is also able to handle complex plans and rate structures. This results in employees gaining peace of mind knowing they can access and manage all of their benefits information in one place, while the positives for employers include the ability to handle any type of rates including those based on age, religion, gender or smoking-differentials; the provision of dual enrollments and multiple plan designs across varying time periods and the convenience of a rules-based system that ensures individuals only enroll in benefits for which they’re eligible at a distinct point in time.

In extending the actual concept of employee benefits, The HealthCare Solution — headquartered in sunny Woodland Hills but serving all of the United States — has reinvented the shopping experience to make it more like what employees are used to from their everyday lives, offering an App Store in which they can easily load up plans from any carrier or choose from the pre-stocked products, as well as build a virtual library of products and package offerings together. Signing up for The HealthCare Solution experience is easy, fast and has modernized the way benefits are being managed.

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