Boutiques in Woodland Hills: Unearthing the Gems

It’s often been said – and for good reason depending on day of the week and particular neighborhood – that the ritual of shopping in Los Angeles requires something resembling a tactical plan. After all, once you get past the sometimes incomprehensible amount of bumper-to-bumper traffic, the throngs of Kardashian-emulating tourists exploring main thoroughfares like Sunset Boulevard and Rodeo Drive, the Hollywood celebrity-esque types searching for the perfect power lunch spot and the packs of millennials wrapped up in their cocoons of texting bliss, you may indeed feel as though you have survived a war…all before you even arrive at your destination.

However, for the trendy ladies of the Woodland Hills community searching for that perfect jaw-dropping dress to go along with the sexy rhinestone-embellished heels and designer handbag they just picked up, or the discriminating gentleman searching for the tie that’s going to act as the finishing knockout touch on his business ensemble, things don’t have to be quite as hectic. From quaint, uber-charming little boutiques to shops that could qualify as “retail therapy” for the most seasoned of retail warriors, Woodland Hills offers a quintessential fashion experience capable of giving most major trending-forward cities a run for their money.

Ready to get to know some of the hidden gems that are boutiques in Woodland Hills?

Soto Boutique, boasting seven locations throughout the Los Angeles area including Soto Lifestyle branches, offers a unique, nearly eclectic mix of treasures in its Woodland Hills store, situated at 4865 Topanga Canyon Boulevard. Standing for “South on Topanga,” Soto was launched in 2006 by the best friend duo of Jodi Perlman and Pamela Sutton Frank, immediately being recognized as an “innovative and exciting boutique” for women’s and teens’ clothing in the San Fernando Valley. Today’s Soto Boutique carries everything from tan crocheted straw sunhats and tye dye rompers to gold tassel necklaces, short-sleeve tees, tank tops and more.

For the fashionista itching to show her sexy, expressive side, Bobbi Rocco, located at 21910 Ventura Boulevard, boasts featured collections of sassy dresses, bottoms, intimates, jumpers/rompers and accessories. Founded by two business-savvy sisters sharing advanced experience in retail, Bobbi Rocco caters to the busy lives of the discriminating ladies residing in the sun-kissed neighborhoods of the San Fernando Valley and prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for new, trendy and affordable fashions.

Juniper & Lane, located at 22749 Ventura Boulevard at Fallbrook Avenue, represents a charming brick-and-mortar shop offering vintage, secondhand and designer clothing as well as jewelry, handbags, shoes, furniture, art, lighting, home décor and even dashing pieces from local artists. Situated on the north side of Ventura Boulevard, Juniper & Lane opened on November 9 in 2013 amidst a flurry of local anticipation, forever cementing its legacy in the annals of west San Fernando Valley residency.

From one-of-a-kind coaster sets to summer dresses guaranteed to get the boys turning their heads, Wood N’ Hanger, located at 22536 Ventura Boulevard, offers a unique foray into antique and vintage indulgences. This accessories and women’s clothing boutique has had local Woodland Hills ladies abuzz with chatter since its opening, all of them citing the charming shop’s selection of crystal lanterns, fringed clutch bags, vintage glassware candles, natural scents and much more.

Songo, located at 4906 Topanga Canyon Boulevard and boasting other locations throughout the Valley, has often been called a “super cute” boutique by the legions of fashion-conscious ladies of all ages that frequent the store. A local shop asking reasonable prices of its goods, Songo continues to resonate with those who have an eye for fashion, always changing up its stock of blazers, sweaters, maxi dresses, shirts, tees, jeans and more.

Let’s be honest – stylish women’s clothing and accessories such as maxi dresses, tops, bottoms, cardigans, costume jewelry and layering apparel will be coveted by nearly every red-blooded American female until this planet ceases to spin on its axis. These boutiques in Woodland Hills, California make this phenomenon just that much easier and less stressful to navigate for those refined girls seeking a more intimate, charming shopping experience outside of the hustle and bustle of L.A.