We are having a contest for the Best of Woodland Hills to kick off our first year. Woodland Hills Magazine is dedicated to serving as a guide to the local area and what better way to inform people about the area than to tell everyone what the top places in Woodland Hills, Canoga Park, and West Hills are?

We are magazine for the people and there are so many great options for the best places that we are going to let our readers help us decide. With this contest, we can celebrate what businesses make our area great, while also keeping you informed about where all the best spots are in our neighborhoods.

Comparing things like bars with spas can be as hard as comparing apples and oranges, so we have divided our Best of Woodland Hills contest into five different categories.

The categories are: Food, Drinks, Shopping, Business & City Life, and Health & Beauty.

The Food category will find the best restaurants in the area.

The Drinks category is for the best bars and nightclubs to get a drink at in our neighborhoods.

The Shopping category will discover the best stores to shop at in our little region.

The Business & City Life category is for fantastic businesses as well as city events and places.

The last category is Health & Beauty and it is for businesses that help people look and feel better.

At the end of the contest there will be winner in each of these five categories. Anyone can nominate a business for one of the categories. People can start nominating businesses now. The last date to put in a nomination is October 31st or Halloween. You are definitely going to be busy on Halloween, so don’t wait till the last minute to nominate your favorite businesses.

Our readers can vote for their favorites in each category all through the month of November to the start of December. Be sure to vote to make sure your favorite businesses so they win their category. The winners will be announced on December 10th in our December issue. The winners with each get an article written about them. Don’t feel bad about lobbying your friends to vote for your favorite businesses in each category, so that they get the recognition they deserve. It will be a big honor to win and the articles about the winners will let more people know about some great businesses in our local area. There’s no time like the present to start deciding your votes.