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Woodland Hills Magazine is the Definitive Guide To The Best Of The Area

Woodland Hills Magazine is passionately committed to showcasing the best of Woodland Hills, West Hills, Hidden Hills, Canoga Park, Calabasas, Topanga and Malibu. We are dedicated to ensuring our lifestyle magazine brims with creatively and intelligently written columns that highlight community events, restaurants, shopping, real estate, arts and culture, as well as local professionals and businesses.


Long Shelf Life

Our Sponsored Blog posts are never unpublished, giving your spot permanent exposure. Woodland Hills Magazine keeps on giving!

Interactivity & Engagement

Our website and social media channels are interaction friendly. The engagement with our pages causes a viral spread to online viewers that would not receive exposure otherwise.


Digital magazines are no less a publication than an email is a letter. They appeal to a large, younger demographic that are tech-savvy, early adopters looking for information and generally unafraid to take a risk. To a smartphone user, messaging while on the go is not worth less than writing a letter or memo. Digital magazines are worth just as much to these readers, and often times even more.

Search Engine Friendly

Woodland Hills Magazine can be indexed by leading search engines, providing yet another way to draw readers to your message. Readers looking for specific information can arrive at a digital magazine page just as easily as they may at a web site.


Compared to print magazines, advertising dollars are not being used to fund the printing of thousands of magazines, including those that are never distributed. Also, advertising dollars are often used by print publications to cover their cost of transportation and eventual disposal.


Our turnover time is very fast! We are able to share your message with our reader within days of ordering. People search out online publications, specifically because they bring current news to light faster than most print publications.

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